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eGuru is a treasure cove of study materials that are designed with only one objective in mind – to help you achieve the highest possible score on the GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL without necessarily spending a huge amount of money.

This interactive e-learning tool is designed to address all aspects of the GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

eGuru contains a vast range of in-depth resources that have been effectively organized for easy navigation. You may browse through a wide range of topics and customize your preparation according to your needs and pace. Additionally, you can access your personalized learning space wherever you are because the eGuru courses are online programs. Alternatively, if you prefer to study offline, you also have the option of printing the materials to use as per your convenience.

In short, if you believe in self-study, the eGuru will be your perfect companion. It is more interactive and content-rich than books, but less expensive and restrictive than classroom courses.

To review all the material, utilize the reporting and feedback tools and achieve the best results—dedicate 50 hours for test preparation, follow a study schedule and stay committed. We assure you that your hard work will pay off!

  • Success Stories

    Initially I have some reservations about studying online. Mind you, I am your typical paper and pencil kind of person. Reading and learning through a rectangular box where everything is within a click of a mouse, is not really my cup of tea. But to my pleasant surprise, I actually found eGuru really useful. The Grade Book report helps me to stay focused during revision.

    Lilian F.

  • Success Stories

    eGuru has been a great catalyst in helping me achieve my target score for the IELTS test.

    Soo Yeon P.

  • Success Stories

    I’m pleased with my score of 2070 and will be applying to UCLA in the fall. The course was very comprehensive and solutions well-explained. I will recommend it to folks who are disciplined and motivated to get a top SAT score.

    James E.

  • Success Stories

    Living in a time where I’m online 60% of the time, eGuru integrates seamlessly into my lifestyle. It was worth every penny – I have been accepted to Wharton!

    Shu Hui P.

  • Success Stories

    Hello! I just got my official score for TOEFL this morning and guess what? I got an amazing score of 110! That is way much higher than the score I expected to get. It is not a gut feeling, but a fact when I say that eGuru played a major part in my preparation for the official test. Thank you eGuru!

    Yuuki F.

  • Success Stories

    My parents and I would like to thank eGuru for making learning so much fun for me. You have made studying for IELTS so interesting; never did I ever feel bored! Last but not least, I would like to share the good news that I got 8.5 for my official test

    Hui Min L.

  • Success Stories

    You were absolutely spot on about investing 50 hours of prep. I slogged for 2 months and got 2150 for my SAT! Couldn’t have done it without SAT eGuru!

    Katie M

  • Success Stories

    My brother and a couple of friends did pretty well for their GMAT with the help of eGuru, so I didn’t need much persuasion to sign up. I like that it offers more depth and breadth than regular books, and is considerably less expensive than a classroom program. In my opinion, eGuru works best for independent learners. 

    Aviad H.

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